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Evoke Medical, LLC Rebrands as DirectSync Surgical

November 1, 2022, Evoke Medical, LLC announced today that it has changed its name to DirectSync Surgical. As the company continues to innovate, the new name better reflects their platform technology and provides a great foundation for future development.

DirectSync Surgical captures the broad platform nature of the technology, while also reflecting the underlying mechanisms that promote and enhance tissue growth. The DirectSync Surgical implant is specifically engineered as an integral part of the natural biochemical and biomechanical responses of the body postoperatively.  We seek to mimic the body’s natural osteoinductive healing mechanisms via our implant designs, while providing important post-operative implant data to inform patients and providers.

Specifically, the DirectSync Surgical patient-powered implant supplements bone growth in spinal fusion patients via mechanically synced electrical stimulation delivered as the patient walks, dynamically loading and unloading the “bone-cage“ interface –stimulating during the heel strike and toe off of one step and the next. Bone has an electrokinetic property whereby charges are generated and ions flow through the bone matrix where repair is needed.  It is hypothesized from the animal work done to date that the DirectSync Surgical technology grows bone faster than current products on the market by activating different mechanisms of action - both the BMP-2 and WnT pathways. Mechanically synced, DC electrical stimulation is intended for bone growth to support spine, femur, tibia, and other orthopedic bone growth applications where ambulatory therapy without a battery, is needed or extremely desirable. 

DirectSync Surgical – enhancing the body's natural ability to heal while providing unprecedented post-operative implant data to the physician and their patients, restoring patients to a fuller life.

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